Thursday, June 25, 2009


We went to Steele Creek last night, which has some of the most beautiful bluffs on the Buffalo River.

This was Luci's first experience in a body of water other than her bath-tub. It took her a while to warm up to the idea of being in the river but once she did, she had a blast. We splashed; we swam; we played; we laughed. And, of course, she looked adorable in her strawberry bikini (very important)!

Enjoy the pics of Luci's first river experience!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Daily happenings

What has Luci been up to during the last two weeks? A LOT!!! She is one busy little girl. Her walking is improving every fact she is almost running! Her favorite thing this week is to walk around clapping her hands. If you cheer, she gets really excited!

She is still on a quest to make Cleo her buddy...its not working so well! Poor old Cleo prefers to be left alone. Luci is persistent though!

She enjoys helping me with all my household chores like laundry (unfolding as I fold), dishes (pulling dirty ones out of the dishwasher), and sorting the mail!

Last week we also made a trip out to see all our friends at the Ozark Natural Science Center. They wanted to meet our sweet girl and Daddy was excited to see her during the work day! Below is a picture of Naima and Luci tormenting Toby (I'm sure he deserved it!) and also one of her favorite new lips!

I'll end this post with some cute pics of our girl...we just can't get enough of this adorable face!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Jason has been demoted... chief dessert spoon and bowl licker! Luci has now officially stepped into this role and it turns out, she is a pro.

First, she licks off the obvious end...

Then she notices that there is more on the other end...

Jackpot! She is so thorough! Can't let any of the delicious strawberry goodness go to waste!

In other news, Jason and I had our first date night away from Luci and we all survived! Our 11th anniversary was Saturday and we brought in Pops and Nana to babysit and entertain Luci while Jason and I went to a movie and dinner. We had a lovely time and so did Luci...I think Pops and Nana were the ones being entertained! She is such a happy and content baby; has a way of wrapping everyone around her tiny fingers! And, you will be happy to know that we only called home to check on her twice! Not too bad!!!