Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving Week Festivities

Thanksgiving week was a busy one this year!  It always is but it seemed extra hectic this year.

Luci had her harvest feast at school on Tuesday and because I didn't have to work I volunteered to help.  Each classroom prepared a dish to serve to the rest of the school.  Luci's class made the sweet potatoes.  I know what you are thinking but yes...11 2-year-olds cut up, mashed, and mixed all the goodies into the sweet potatoes.  No wonder they needed parental help!  After the preparation was complete, the kiddos delivered dishes of their menu item to the other classrooms.  Then it was feast time!  It was quite interesting to eat lunch with a group of toddlers!  I took Luci home after lunch; we both needed a nap!

expert sweet potato masher!

The delivery and hand-off.  This is seconds before the bowl landed upside-down in the floor.  Luckily we had made plenty!
Looks deceptively calm, doesn't it?!
Wednesday morning we set out on our annual Thanksgiving trip to Wisconsin to visit my family.  We had Thanksgiving on Thursday and since we won't see them again, we had Christmas on Friday.  Everyone had a great time catching up and visiting.

Kaitlyn and Luci talking about the nativity set

Best group picture can't win them all!
Opening presents
Playing the piano and singing!  The video below shows Luci's first piano concert.  She is very proud of herself!

Playing dress-up with one of her new Christmas presents.
This year we decided to break our trip home into 2 days.  We stopped in Kansas City Saturday night to spend some time Christmas shopping on the Plaza.  I lived in Kansas City until I was 6 years old and I remember visiting the Plaza each year at Christmas time.  I wanted to experience this again with Jason and Luci.  We had a lovely time and it made for a nice reprieve from the car!

Jason and Luci as we were waiting for a table at the Cheesecake Factory.
The beautiful Christmas lights on the Plaza.
 Hope everyone out there had a lovely Thanksgiving and is looking forward to Christmas as much as we are!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I "boted" and I am sooooo proud!

Notice my upside-down sticker!