Thursday, August 28, 2008

Full Speed Ahead

Well, summer break is over and everything (except the adoption) seems to be moving at warp speed.

Our garden is producing peppers in numbers we can't begin to keep up with! The tomatoes have slacked off and are down to a manageable number.

School has begun again both at the University and in the public schools so I have stayed busy running between the two. I teach my first class of the semester tonight...Children's Literature...very fun!!! On top of all that I have gone back to school to work on my PhD. Seems as if I am crazy, right?!!!!

Jason is busy as well. This is staff training week for him at the science programs begin next week and won't quit again until May. Busy, busy!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Why did we choose to adopt and why Korea?

Many of you have been asking lately what led us to the decision to adopt internationally...let me share...

From very early in our marriage we both have believed that we were intended to adopt. We have a strong desire to have children, but have never had the desire to have children that are biologically our own. The picture of a multicultural adoptive family has been very natural to us from the beginning of our relationship as husband and wife. The result is that we’ve built our lives one step at a time until we were ready to adopt and could meet the requirements to bring a child from across the world into our lives to love and share that life with. We both have a picture in our minds of our family as one of diverse appearances and backgrounds but with a common love for each other, and we find that mental picture very beautiful and appealing. We have both valued exposure to different places, ideas, and people throughout our marriage. Building a multicultural family through international adoption simply makes sense to us – more so than a creating traditional biological family. It is important to us to include the birth culture of our child in our family’s everyday life.

So this leads me to the discussion of why Korea? We did not arrive at this decision lightly. It was through much prayer and research that we finally settled on Korea. Some of the most appealing reasons are...

· The availability of healthy infants and toddlers - There are many children, also, with mild and/or easily correctable special needs, too. (Note that the wait for healthy girls can be considerably longer than boys.)

· Foster family care -Babies who are relinquished by their birth families for adoption are generally placed with foster families where they are well provided for in warm, loving homes until placement.

· Excellent medical care. Korea's medical care system is first-rate and comparable to the US and Canada.

· Timeframes - Approximately 12-21 month timeframe from application to arrival of our baby

· Less paperwork - Unlike other countries where separate dossiers are required, the Korean program accepts the US homestudy as documentation enough.

So...we are patiently waiting. Some days are harder for me than others. I recently came across a verse in Proverbs that I am trying to keep in my heart...especially on those hard days.
"In his heart a man plans his course, but the LORD determines his steps." Proverbs 16:9
I have to remember that this will happen in the Lord's perfect time...NOT mine!

Lately though I have had a sense of urgency regarding this adoption. I can't explain my feelings, but it has been my constant thought all week. Please help me as I pray for our baby! Also, please pray for the birth mother...that she is taking care of herself and the precious gift she is carrying. What a difficult and selfless decision she is making. Please pray that she will have peace regarding this. And also...pray for the foster family that will care for our child until he/she is with us.

Until next time...(and I will try my best to make the updates closer together)