Thursday, March 26, 2009

The good news just keeps coming...

This has been an amazing week!!! We just learned this afternoon that Luci has her PASSPORT! The next call we get will be our agency telling us that she has Travel Clearance (TC). That call should come in the next 2-4 weeks, but who knows...I'm ready now. that I think about it, my to-do list is incredibly long...I think I'll go get started!

We can't wait to meet our sweet daughter...any day now!!!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Emigration Permission!!!!

We received the most wonderful news this morning...Luci has EP (Emigration Permission). This is the permission from South Korea that we have been waiting months for!!! Hallelujah!!!

The next thing to come is Luci's Passport. This could take 1-2 weeks. Following that, we have another 2-4 week wait for Travel Clearance. So in 3-6 weeks we will be going to get our precious Luci Kate!

I have to share my dreams last night...I tossed and turned all night long, hardly slept at all. I dreamed that the reason we hadn't received EP was that I had put the wrong name on all our paperwork. I had written Luci Kate Kindall and, of course, that isn't her official name yet so the government didn't know who that was. It bothered me so much that when I woke up this morning I even went to our binder of paperwork to look at our copies and make sure I had filled them out correctly. Little did I know that it was simply God's way of making me aware of what was to happen today.

Thanks for the prayers! Please keep them coming...the wait is still long, but the reward is going to be so good!!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Another month older...

8 months old today and still in Korea! How we ache for the phone to ring signaling that we can bring Luci home. I am constantly wondering what she is doing and what firsts we are missing. I know she is loved and well cared for by Mrs. Kim (her foster mother). While that is a comfort during this wait, we still long desperately to have her here with us. Maybe this week we will get some news...I hope, I hope!

On a different note, I wanted to share our note cards that Urban SweetPea created for our family. They turned out adorable and many of you have asked where I had them made. Christy custom made these cards from pictures that I sent to her. If you will click on Urban SweetPea above or here it will take you to her shop located on the etsy website. Just a little plug for my new favorite designer!!!