Monday, March 8, 2010

Luci news and a funny!

It has been a while since my last post and Luci is making great strides in her language development.  For those of you who know me, you know that I have been worried about Luci's lack of words!  Every time we go to the doctor for a check-up I am able to answer with a resounding YES on all her developmental milestones.  In fact, Luci has usually been ahead by leaps and bounds on all the checklists.  However,  until her 18 month check-up the developmental checklists have been purely physical and cognitive with very little language involved, other than babbling (which she has always done).  When we went for Luci's 18 month check-up, the doctor asked "Does she have 10-20 words?"  I swallowed and answered "No".  She really wasn't talking using real words yet.  She is a very effective nonverbal communicator and I guess we just never forced the issue.

I am now happy to report that Luci has started speaking in words...usually 2-3 new ones each week!  We had "mama" and "da".  We now have "woof" for dog, "juice", "hot", "ball", "door", "NO" (a favorite), "book" (for book or movie), "moo", "house", "put", "up", "night, night", and a few others that I am drawing a blank on now but have written down on the calendar.  She has even constructed a sentence on a few occasions!  Her first was (appropriately) "No, no daddy!"  She wasn't ready for her bath yet but it was time!


Here is an example of a conversation Luci and I had in the car yesterday on the way home from the grocery store.

Luci:  "house"  as she points to a house we are driving by
Me:  "Yes, that is a house!"
Luci:  "house"  another one
Me:  "Yes!  I wonder who lives in that house?"
Luci:  "Moooooo!"

In fact, she is so obsessed with cows that she will drop everything when she hears one outside...enjoy the following series of pictures!

"Wait a minute!  Did I just hear a cow?"

  "I did!  I heard a cow!"