Monday, May 31, 2010


I love summer around here!  Leisurely responsibilities...lots of fun-time with Luci!

So far this summer we haven't done much of anything serious!  If we feel like going into town, we do.  If we feel like staying home, we do.  Luci is a great day time sleeper...long naps with all her friends and blankets (a.k.a. "B").

We have also visited the Farmer's Market during the week (that never happens during the school year)!  Our favorite summertime fruit has just come into season so we occasionally have to stop immediately and sample some.  Mmmmm...blueberries!

We have also spent some time at the library for the Toddler Story-hour.  This past Thursday the tambourine playing was Luci's favorite!  The girl's got some rhythm.  The librarian who conducts this circus must have the patience of Job!  You take 30 2-year-olds, jam them into one room, and try to get them to SIT still and listen to a story while not climbing on you, not pulling the book out of your hands, not screaming and kicking the children next to them, get the picture!  I taught Kindergarten and it had its share of crazy days but this trumps it all!  Luci loves it and I love it for her!!!  :)

We also (just tonight) got the garden tilled and lots of stuff planted.  I know...its late.  But better late than not at all!  Hopefully it will do well.  We have had a small section planted since March with our cold weather crops likes peas and onions and broccoli.  Tonight we plowed the rest of it and finished planting potatoes (we will have two crops this year), tomatoes, and beans.  We will head out to the nursery this week and see if we can still find peppers and some corn.  Luci loved playing in the garden tonight as I planted.  She had a spade and we finally gave her a bucket so that she would quit digging up what I had planted.  She quickly became consumed with filling her bucket with dirt.  The chickens also enjoyed the newly tilled garden with its feast of worms and Luci especially enjoyed chasing them over the potato mound again and again!

We have taken one trip already this summer.  We went up to Wisconsin about a week ago to celebrate the life of a wonderful man, my grandfather.  I am so happy that Luci had the chance to meet and play with him twice here on earth.  There was no one quite like him!  We are all going to miss him dearly but I am thankful that now he is in a much better place, rejoicing with his Savior in a newly healed body!  The picture below was of Luci, Grandpa, and I last summer during their first meeting.