Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Maiden Voyage of the Teal Buffalo

We finally got our brand new teal Buffalo canoe in the water!!!  We ordered the canoe in May, picked it up in July, and it has been sitting under a tarp in the yard since then.  There was nothing more irritating than seeing our new canoe everyday for 2 months and knowing there was no water in any of the rivers; it has been an extremely dry summer!

Well it finally rained and Jason kept his eye on the river gauges for any sign of movement.  Ahhh...finally there was enough water for us to float in our canoe instead of carry our canoe!  We were off to Ponca!

Luci loves the boat and Daddy had her psyched up to go!  For two days she constantly asked "Boap?  Wawa?"  "Yes, Honey...we are going to take the boat and float in the water!"  Below are the pictures from our maiden voyage.  What fun!!!

Ready to launch from Ponca

 Helping Daddy cook the hot dogs for lunch!  Encouraging pats on the back help!

 Don't even think about trying to take these chips!

 Don't be fooled...Luci only eats the filling out of the Oreos.  Mommy and Daddy finish off the chocolate cookie.

 Jason jumping off the bluff.  Luci was very concerned!

Waiting patiently for Daddy to swim back after his jump.