Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy Wacky Green St. Patrick's Day!

Luci's all dressed up in her wacky green outfit (that she picked out) and ready for school! Can't you tell she is in a wacky mood?!  Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!
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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Luci and her chickens

Luci LOVES her chickens!  In fact she loves them so much, they were the subject of her very first show and tell at school.  Her took the picture below (from last summer) and an egg (hard-boiled, of course).  She wanted to show her friends that her chicken lays "one egg!"  Her friends wanted to know if that was a real chicken; if it was a baby chicken; if they lived at her house; if they lived in her house; etc...just imagine the multitude of questions that would come from 2.5 -5 year olds who have lived in a city their whole lives!  Hilarious!

Luci has been spending a lot of time outside with her chickens in our warm weather!  The following pictures are some I took yesterday afternoon (and then had fun with using photo editing software)! 

Feeding my chickens.

"Eat this chickens!"
"More please!  See?!"

"Here baby!"

Luci herding her chickens!

Playing after we tired of the chickens...

My beautiful girl is growing up too fast!  Don't you think?!