Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Putting up the tree and other Christmas traditions

This entry is a little dated but this is the first I have had time to sit down, play with pictures, and update our blog.  We didn't just put our tree up...its been up for about 2.5 weeks. 

Luci is really getting into the Christmas spirit and excitement this year!  She absolutely loved decorating the tree and now she is super excited that there are "Luci presents" under the tree.  She checks on them hourly and has even tried to open one or two.  She isn't very subtle though; the ripping of the paper gives it away instantly!

Luci picked out her own ornament this year when we visited the Plaza in Kansas City after Thanksgiving.  She is very proud of it...a pink piggy just like her stuffed one!  She hung it on the tree and we found out that it is just as fragile as it looks.  She didn't get it hooked solidly and it fell to the floor.  Poor piggy's feet didn't survive the fall.  However, Luci didn't notice the missing appendages so I was able to slip a new piggy on the tree the next day (after a mad search for an identical one since the original was purchased 4 hours away)!

We continued our Christmas tradition begun last year.  Downtown Fayetteville puts on a beautiful Christmas lights display on the Square each year. Its always lots of fun for the kiddos in the evenings.  Luci particularly likes the ponies and loves to ride them.  (Don't let the picture fool you...she really does love to ride the ponies!  She just wasn't feeling her normal peppy-self that evening!)  Following the pony ride, we went to get a cupcake at Bliss.  Luci decided to bring her cupcake home to eat but she was more than happy to devour a shot of chocolate frosting in the cupcakery!  Mmmmmm!  Chocic!

There will be more Christmas happenings to follow another evening.  For now, Merry Christmas to each of you!

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