Sunday, February 13, 2011

Insane February!!!

Where to begin...Since it is Valentine's Day in a couple of hours, Happy Valentine's Day!  Jason and I celebrated this afternoon with a little theater and some Italian yumminess!   We went and checked out a local production called Sundown Town and it was amazing!  Some of our favorite artists, 3 Penny Acre, provided the music and the play was written and produced locally!  I have posted a link to the trailer if anyone is interested!

As for the beginning of February, well let's just say it has been interesting!  We have truly had WINTER!  We began the month with a couple of inches of ice immediately followed by about 8 inches of snow.  That was enough to keep us out of school and work for 4 days!  We went back for 2 days (at least the bigger districts did) and then we got hit with 19-24 inches of snow depending on where you measured!  All the weather bulletins were predicting 4-9 inches.  I think they were slightly off!  Along with the snow, we also had frigid temperatures (-13 below for an actual temperature).  I was beginning to question where I actually lived...yep, it was still Arkansas; it just wasn't acting like it.  So, this past Wednesday we had record snowfall and today, Sunday, it was near 70 degrees.

We had a blast in the first snowfall!  Luci went out and ran, played, built two snowmen, learned how to throw a snowball, etc...


This second snowfall we decided to stay inside.  The bitter temperatures combined with the insane depth of snow, I was truly afraid we would lose her!  I mean seriously, she is only 34 inches tall!  We had drifts around the house taller than that!

Here is hoping that winter is on it's way out and spring is on it's way in!  I am ready to get outside and do some planting!!!

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