Monday, September 3, 2012

Fairest of the Fair

Luci has a Maisy Mouse book where Maisy and her friends go to the fair. We read it all the time and Luci has been asking since Christmas to go to the fair. That is a problem since the fair usually comes the last week of August...that is a LONG time to wait when you are 3...4! To replicate the activities in the book we have eaten cotton candy, made many trips to Boingo Bounce for jumping in bouncy castles, and ridden the carousel at the zoo. None of it quenched Luci's desire for the fair!!! Thankfully the end of August arrived and so did the fair!!!

We went Saturday afternoon and as soon as Luci spotted the ferris wheel rising in the distance her eyes began to sparkle and she yelled "There it is!!!"

We bought our tickets and headed straight for the ferris wheel. Luci barely met the height requirement but Jason wasn't about to take no for an answer so they got their ride. She was absolutely DELIGHTED!

We also rode the teacups (a dizzying experience for Momma), the carousel, and a dragon roller coaster.

We also had to eat a funnel cake and cover ourselves with powdered sugar! Deliciousness!!!

We checked out all the livestock and found that the goats and calves enjoyed the leftover powdered sugar from the funnel cakes as much as we did!

If you have followed our blog very much or checked out my pictures on Facebook you can't help but notice the absolute joy on Luci's face on every occasion! I adore experiencing new things through her eyes and I think we could all take a few lessons on happiness from this child! No wonder Jesus loved being around is so easy to see the goodness in everything!

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