Monday, January 26, 2009


Just a quick update...we received notice in the mail today that our I-600 has been approved by the US CIS!!!! The official form they send us in the mail is called the I-171. On this form they noted "approved petition is being forwarded to Seoul by way of: US Dept. of State, National Visa Center." Its on its way...CELEBRATE!!!!

Now we wait some more. Next thing we should hear is that Luci has EP (Emigration Permission) and we have been told that this part of the process has been taking a while. So we prepare for a long wait, but we hope and pray for a short one!!!

On a side note, Luci's crib was delivered today. As soon as our electricity comes back on we will put it together!


Brad and Jessica said...

Congratulations on I-171! That piece of paper is precious to have.
JessicaCo (from forum)

The Efirds said...

YAY!!! Big step accomplished! Prayers that you have electricity soon!

Yvonne and Eric said...

Woohoo! Each step is a reason to celebrate because it means 1 step closer to Luci coming home!