Monday, May 30, 2011

13 Years of Wedded Bliss!

May 30, 1998
In addition to being Memorial Day, today was also our 13th wedding Anniversary.  Our wedding day had to be the hottest day of the whole summer even though it was only the end of May.  My grandfather recently reminded me that it had to have been at least 100 degrees!  Even though it was hot, our wedding was beautiful and the past 13 years have been full of love and adventure.  It is hard to imagine that we are even the same people that said "I do" that hot May day so long ago.  We have been through so much together and have grown through it all.  I can't imagine sharing that time with anyone else!

Well,  Jason and I had our Anniversary date last night and decided today was a "whole family day"!  We spent this beautiful Memorial Day on the King's River floating from Rockhouse to Trigger Gap.  The river was up and super easy/fun to float!  We are always ready to get in the canoe and go so we took advantage of the beautiful weather and headed out.  As always, we had a blast!!!

Ready to go!
Eating chips in the river
Beauty all around!
End of the trip...exhausted!

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