Sunday, May 22, 2011

First School Program

Yesterday Luci had her first school program.  Each year her school puts on an International Dinner and each class chooses a country to study and perform something from.  Luci's class was Romania so for a day she was our little Korean-American-Romanian!  Talk about identity confusion!

Her class prepared a dance to a traditional Romanian folksong and learned to count to ten in Romanian and speak some common phrases like please, thank you, and good morning.  She has been practicing these phrases at home for the past month! 

Back in the chaotic prep room waiting for her turn to perform.
I was so proud of our little Luci yesterday...The atmosphere was definitely not something she enjoyed but she was a trooper and got up on stage and performed with her class (without coaxing from us).  Luci does not like chaos, noise, and she definitely doesn't like it when other kids are upset.  All of this was present yesterday so prior to the dance Luci was stressed. 

On stage with her class

What a cute day though...all the kids and teachers worked so hard and the families really enjoyed watching all the classes perform!  Both sets of Luci's grandparents came to see the performance.  She was so proud and very excited to come sit in the audience with her peeps when she had finished.

Below is the video of her class dancing.  Luci follows along and even stomps in a few places.  There were A LOT of people there...I would have been overwhelmed!  There is even a bit of excitement at the end...see if you can spot it!


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Ashley Elizabeth said...

Ok, tell Luci she needs to tell me how to say Thank you, I will be in Romania on Friday! The pics were adorable! -Ashley