Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Trip to Woolum and The Narrows

We visited a very special place on the Buffalo River this past weekend, Woolum and the Narrows.  It was a first visit for all of us except Jason and he had only accessed this point by boat, never by vehicle.  We did have to access this point by truck because the water levels are too low to float there.  We drove to Woolum, which is a mid-point on the Buffalo, and then did a bit of light rock climbing to reach the location known as the Narrows. 

Isn't that a gorgeous view???!!!
 The Narrows is a rock bluff that overlooks the River on one side and the fields next to Richland Creek on the other.  It is beautiful and VERY the name implies.  We were safe, no matter what the pictures look like.  However, Jason commented as we left the area that Luci is probably one of a very few 3 year olds to have set in that spot.

Luci and Jason enjoying the view
My curious girl wants to look over the edge...Notice that Grandma has a tight hold on Luci!

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