Saturday, May 5, 2012

I can't believe it...

...has been 3 years already!  Time has flown by since Luci joined our family!  What a precious gift she is.

She came home as a sweet, loving, quiet, timid baby and has bloomed into an adventurous, fun-loving, daring, funny, smart, and energetic little girl.  She is still very sweet and loving; she always wants to snuggle, hug, and kiss.  She is quiet around new people but is an absolute wild child around those she knows.  She says the funniest things like "Hey, hey, it man!" or "slow down dude" if she feels you are driving too fast.  She often offers suggestions and adaptations to current plans like bedtime.  Her suggestions always end with "so how 'bout that?"  She loves to flirt and is always laughing, which is the most delightful music I have ever heard!

To celebrate our Family Anniversary or Gotcha Day we decided to get away.  We headed to Kansas City for the weekend; it's only about 4 hours away so it was perfect for a long weekend!

We arrived Friday afternoon and headed to Crown Center.  Unfortunately we arrived too late for Luci to play at Kaleidoscope (we will have to save that for another trip).  We ate dinner at Arthur Bryant's BBQ and it was delicious!

We spent Saturday at the of mine and Luci's favorite places.  I spent a lot of time at the Kansas City Zoo when I was a kid but haven't been back in the last (I am guessing) 25+ years.  My grandparents used to take my little brother and I there quite a bit and I have fantastic memories of this zoo.  It didn't disappoint!  Luci loved it too!  At the end of the post you can see many of our favorite animals...hope you enjoy your tour of the KC Zoo in pictures!

Patience, Goat!  Your food is coming!
The highlight of the entire day was a ride on Ben the Camel.

Sunday was cool and rainy but we headed to the City Market in search of some delicious treats to bring home.  We have been eating well this week using up all the yumminess we toted home!

Each year of life as a family of three has brought many surprises, days of laughter, and countless blessings!  I can't wait to see what is in store for us in year four!

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