Saturday, July 17, 2010

Another year older...

My two loves are another year older...the big 2 for Luci and thirty-hmmm (rhymes with tree) for Jason.  This is such a special day that they share!   

singing with daddy

We had Luci's party last weekend and it was superb!  The menu consisted of all our favorite vendor foods from Korea.  We had bulgogi served in lettuce leaves, chicken and green onion skewers (the first vendor food we tried), and our favorite...sweet, molten hotteok!  It was delicious and I think we won all the family over.  They now love Korean food as much as we do!  


 making delicious hotteok (click here for the link to the recipe)

So, in honor of her birthday, here is a list of all things Luci!  (I didn't think Jason would want me to list his developmental milestones on his birthday so I will focus on our sweet girl.)

  • is 32 inches long and a whopping 23 pounds,
  • talks constantly and adds new words to her vocabulary every day (her latest is proud!),
  • loves to skip and jump,
  • is still the most coordinated child I have ever seen,
  • wants to be "side" (outside) all the time,
  • loves to swim, "spash" and paddle in the boat,

  • loves her chickens on her terms (isn't wild about them on their terms),
  • tells the chickens "ni-ni" every night when closing them in the coup with daddy,
  • CONSTANTLY wants chapstick for her "ips"; even knows where to look for all the various tubes, my purse, daddy's pocket, Grandma's purse, etc...,

  • doesn't like it when daddy goes to "ork",
  • is a huge daddy's girl,
  • hates it when anybody leaves,
  • misses her Cleo ("dog?  bye-bye?"),
  • loves to cuddle and love,
  • gives the sweetest kisses,

  • plays hard,
  • is a wild child, and
  • is our sweet, precious girl whom we absolutely adore!


Tim and Karen said...

Happy Birthday Luci and Jason! The frog cake is so cute! Elijah was 23 lbs at 10 months, and I'm afraid of how big he'll be when we get him around 15 months!

Amy L Knowles said...

Happy Happy Happy Birthday to Jason and Luci. She is growing so quickly and is absolutely adorable. Enjoy every moment with her!