Friday, July 9, 2010

They came...They visited...They canoed!

My family from Wisconsin (Grandma, Aunt, and 2 cousins) came for a visit this past week and we had a blast.  This was the first trip to Arkansas my grandmother has made in several years.  The last one I remember was when my brother got married (over 10 years ago)!  It was nice to see them here on our home turf!

They came over to our house Tuesday morning to see Luci and eat lunch with us.  Luci of course had to show her farm cousins how to throw grain to the chickens.  She loves her chickens and likes to show them off to others!

Wednesday we joined my parents and the Wisconsin crew at my parents' cabin in Big Flat.  We always enjoy visiting that retreat!  Thursday morning we went with Dad, my Aunt Lois, and 2 cousins Kyle and Kaitlyn on a canoe trip down the Buffalo River.  Luci is a pro at this point...loves to sit in the front of the canoe in her little green camp chair.  You couldn't actually prove the float trip happened from these pictures though since we didn't get any of the actual canoeing...only of the cooking, splashing, and swimming (all VITAL parts of a float trip)!  We have been terrible parents and actually haven't captured any pictures of Luci in her canoe even though this was her 3rd time!  It's on my to-do picture list for the next trip!

 With Kaitlyn before the canoe trip

 Jason (with his shadow) and Dad cooking lunch.  Brats and hot dogs over a campfire...YUM!

Kyle and his "mini-me".  Luci wanted to do everything her cousin did (even the stride is the same)!

Swimming with Grandpa

Can't believe this is the same girl who was DEATHLY afraid of bathwater a year ago! 
My swimming beauty!

 God's Masterpiece!

As you can tell from the pics, we had a great time!  This weekend will bring Luci's birthday party on Saturday and her cousin Grace's on Sunday.  After all the playmates Luci has had over the past week, next week is going to be a huge let-down...back to just Mommy and Luci!  I hope we survive!

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