Sunday, July 25, 2010

What have we done?!

Well, we did it!  We changed Luci's crib into a toddler bed.  I thought it was about time since she is now 2 and has bailed out of her crib a couple of times.  She is a climber and I love it but what I don't love are trips to the emergency room so it was time for safer alternative.

I found a wooden railing online that we can stain to match her bed (a project for another time) and when it came we made the switch.  Any project we attempt turns major when Luci is around.  At first I think she just thought I was changing her sheets so she sat down to read a book and wait it out.

When it became apparent that construction was involved, she jumped in to lend her own brand of helping hands.  In the first picture she is putting back in the bolts that daddy just took out.  The next picture is self-explanatory.  See...everything is easier with help!

Luci was super excited to find that she can now get in and out of her bed all by herself!  Once she figured it out she ran to get her piggy, elephant ("awckie"), and blanket ("B").  It wasn't even close to bedtime but she wanted to try it out!

So we are officially into day 2 of the switch.  Last night went seamless but she was so tired that she fell right asleep and didn't move till morning.  Nap this afternoon was another story.  We are in the middle of it as I type and so far she has (1) come running into the living room at top speed, holding piggy by the ears, screaming "PIGGGGGYYYYYYY!!!!", and (2) climbed out of her bed, grabbed her current favorite book off the shelf (Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog), and got back into bed to read it.  She finally fell asleep with piggy, elephant, and her book next to her but it took nearly an hour till she wore herself down.  Could be interesting; but what isn't with a 2 year old in the house?!

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Amanda said...

Luci, that is one of my favorite books!!